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Ontario Power is Giving Away Money Trees

For a limited time, the Ontario Power Authority is giving away what amounts to a money tree. Ontario residents now have a choice. They can keep paying for electricity for the remainder of their lives, or, thanks to a new government program, they can eliminate their electricity costs entirely and receive monthly checks from their local electricity distributor. Talk about a "no brainer"!

A Better Light Bulb that lasts up to 20 years

The primary costs of traditional lighting are:

           •  Electricity usage costs
           •  Replacement bulb costs
           •  Time/Manpower costs to replace bulbs
           •  Harm to health and the environment

Now there is a an extremely efficient light bulb that lasts for twenty years. It's called an induction light. It doesn't contain harmful vapors if broken, only needs to be replaced four times in a century, and greatly reduces time and manpower costs associated with replacing bulbs, and it offers superior lighting all at a fraction of the cost of conventional lighting!

A Brighter Future is Launched

Falcon is pleased to announce that we are offering schools in Ontario the opportunity to eliminate their need for fundraising for the next twenty years should they desire! All non-profits are invited to participate.

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