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Welcome to the future of ENERGY

The 21st Century is the era of service, accountability and environmental stewardship. Falcon Energy Worldwide is perfectly positioned to help meet the growing needs and challenges facing our customers and our planet.

Satisfying customers from Europe to Africa takes efficient, responsive professional services and dependable, high quality products. Have you considered:

       • Reducing or Eliminating your Energy Costs?

       • Making Money from Generating Green Electricity?

       • Greening" your Home, Company, or City?

       • Creating an energy retrofit development plan?

Key Performance Measurements

The Our company is the preferred source for alternative energy solutions for several reasons, we include performance guarantees to each of our contracts and we assure quality in 10 key areas.

          • Product Performance
          • Engineering Document Time-lines
          • Quality Installation Guarantee
          • 24/7 Real-Time Site Monitoring
          • Energy Cost Savings Guarantee
          • Customer Satisfaction
          • Superior Product Guarantees
          • Reduction of Global CO2 Output
          • Set Problem Resolution Time-Lines
          • Superior Customer Service

A Message Statement by: Executive President - Global Operations

If a customer of Falcon Energy Worldwide or one of its affiliates doesn't save or make money and improve the environment after doin business with us - we'll refund the entire cost of the project.

Executive President - Global Operations

  2 Robert Speck Parkway, 7th Floor
            Mississauga, ON. L4Z 1H8

  (905) 361-9823

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